It’s that time of year again: Arch Madness!

Sure, much of the country may be obsessing with basketball right now, but at Life Wellness Center, we’re thinking about your arches and the important role they play in your foot’s structure. To help support your arches while they support you, we’re offering a special on Foot Levelers®. Foot Levelers® are top quality custom-made functional orthotics, clinically proven to help relieve pain and improve your body’s performance.

Did you know that your foot’s arch is actually composed of three separate arches? These arches intersect and work together, forming the plantar vault which plays a key role in your balance, posture and physical performance.

There are two longitudinal (medial and lateral) arches and one anterior transverse arch. Formed by the tarsal and metatarsal bones, these arches are supported by ligaments and tendons in the foot. They intersect to form a triangle, and function like a spring. Ideally, your arches have the strength to bear your body weight and absorb the shock of locomotion, and the flexibility to facilitate functions like walking and running. As demonstrated by architectural traditions, the arch is a shape with great inherent strength.

When all three elements of this triangle work together, they do a great job of supporting your spine and protecting your joints.

Orthopedic insoles isolated on white background

Sometimes, though, your arches need some help. That’s where orthotics come in. A custom designed and crafted orthotic helps you achieve a balanced foundation in your feet, a more stabilized pelvis, and better all-over alignment. The benefits of a well-fitted orthotic aren’t limited to your feet: they can help align your ankles, knees and pelvis, so your joints and spine can also reap big benefits. Research proves they help relieve pain, improve biomechanics and support your doctor’s adjustments.

Poor arch function is implicated in a number of complaints, such as pronation, shin splints, heel pain, arch pain and plantar fasciitis.

Consider embracing a little Arch Madness at Life Wellness Center. Let us evaluate your arches. If your plantar vault needs some extra support, we’d be happy to set you up with Foot Levelers® custom orthotics to support your joints, posture and general well being.

Now through the end of the month, we’re offering 25% off all orthotics! Call us today to schedule your appointment!