From Thanksgiving through New Years, we’ve been in holiday mode. Lots of fun, lots of activity, maybe lots of stress–and lots of holiday eating. Family gatherings, work celebrations and holiday good cheer often means we aren’t observing the optimal diet we know we should. And then there are those edible gifts: while the good news is “you don’t have to store it,” the bad news is that they often end up stored on our hips and bellies–long term storage indeed.

New Year, New You

When the new year rolls around, there’s a nationwide renewal of vows to eat better and lose those holiday pounds. We support that effort: being at your optimal weight is healthy, and it’s also good medicine to feel good about how you look. However, there’s more to it than that.

Your Body Is a System

According to the holistic perspective of chiropractic, the entire body is a system in which no part functions in isolation. Instead, all the various interrelated parts of the body are understood and evaluated in the context of how they function together, within the whole system. The body is like a machine in which all parts play an interdependent role, and it’s fueled and lubricated by food, along with water, clean air, sleep and exercise.

Chiropractic Recognizes the Vital Role of Nutrition

In fact, 97 percent of Chiropractors give nutritional and dietary recommendations, according to the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners’ (NBCE) Practice Analysis of Chiropractic 2015. According to the same document, “Chiropractic is based on the premise that the body is able to achieve and maintain health through its own natural recuperative powers, provided it has a properly functioning nervous system and receives the necessary health maintenance components.”

In other words, chiropractors may be interested in your weight, but they’re even more interested in making sure that your diet gives you access to the huge variety of nutrients which ensure that your machine can run at its best.

Without adequate and appropriate nutrition, no amount of chiropractic intervention can resolve a problem. The food we eat forms the building blocks of our bodies, and is essential for rebuilding tissue and nerves as well as balancing the millions of chemical interactions on which our bodies rely every day.

If you’re serious about cultivating good health, please make sure your body is getting the fuel it deserves via your diet, and do your best to avoid the foods which detract from your health.

When you come in for a chiropractic consultation, your doctor will inquire about your diet and will review best nutritional practices with you. Perhaps you’re not coming in for a consultation any time soon, in which case–congratulations for taking care of yourself and feeling well! You can still support your own health by following general healthy dietary practices.

Individual Consulting for Nutrition and Weight Loss

If you’re not sure how to support your health via optimum nutrition, or if you’re ready for professional help on a journey of weight loss, make a January appointment at Life Wellness Center. Our chiropractic team and our Ideal Protein Weight Loss Coaches are eager to help you build a life of healthy eating practices to help ensure that your body has the diverse nutrients it needs to hum like a well-oiled machine. The right balance of foods will help maintain a healthy weight while also promoting health and preventing chronic disease. A well-fueled body will also respond best to chiropractic adjustments and interventions, as well as any other medical interventions such as surgery.

Consult Reliable Sources for Healthy Eating Recommendations

For a simple, clear summary of key recommendations for healthy eating from the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Federal Advisory Committee, click here.

Life Wellness Center wishes you the best in your efforts for a healthier 2018.