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In our last blog post, we discussed in-depth the macronutrients. We discussed protein, carbohydrates, and fats. However, what we didn’t touch on was how to use macros to form a diet plan that can support a healthy weight loss program.

Life Wellness Center in Lakeville offers a holistic approach to living. We offer a myriad of services, including chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, and weight loss. Our mission is to help you lead a healthier lifestyle and feel good while doing so. Below, we’ll take a look at macros and diets. Contact us today to get started!


There is more to macros than their face value: protein, carbohydrates, and fat. While all of these nutrients are vital to human health, what matters for your health (and for your diet) is the proportion of these macros at every meal. And this is where blood sugar is crucial.

Blood sugar is glucose. This is the main sugar found in your blood, and you obtain glucose by eating. Your body’s cells need glucose for energy in order to survive, which is why the blood carries glucose throughout your body.

One of the reasons that blood sugar matters is because high blood sugar can damage your organs over time. This is why diabetes is so important to control. Diabetes is a disease where your body is not producing enough insulin to keep your blood sugar level. Your cells have to have insulin in order to take in the glucose. Without insulin (which is the job of the pancreas to produce), your cells would starve and die. As would you.

Your blood sugar level, of course, is closely tied to eating. It’s normal for your blood sugar levels to vary throughout the day, dipping low right before meal times and rising after you eat. However, the key for those looking to lose weight is to maintain an even blood sugar level. And here’s why.

When your body’s blood sugar is out of whack (such as consuming a whole pint of ice cream), your body goes into insulin mania, producing insulin so your body’s cells can take in the sugars. If there is excess sugar (which a whole pint of ice cream will do so), this sugar is stored as fat in your body. Once stored as fat, it takes a whole lot to break it down, meaning you have to be deficient in other nutrients, such as carbohydrates. Once all this excess sugar is stored, you feel tired because too much of the blood sugar was stored. This leads you to craving sugar because it is a fast pick-me-up that you need in order to have energy. And this cycle repeats itself, storing fat instead.

Weight loss occurs only when your blood sugar levels are balanced and there’s no excess insulin. Thus, the goal for healthy weight loss is to keep your blood sugar levels balanced. You do this by eating macros in the right amounts at every meal. Thus, you need to be eating protein, carbohydrates, and fats every time you eat. What does this look like for you? Everyone is different, so speaking with one of our weight loss coaches will help you calculate exactly what you need for your weight loss plan.


Losing weight is a science. It’s about balancing your blood sugars and taking in the right macronutrients to promote healthy and effective weight loss. Most of us intuitively know what we need to do to lose weight; it’s the doing it that is the hard part.

This is where Life Wellness Center’s amazing Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method can help. Our weight loss program in Lakeville focuses on teaching you not only how to lose weight, but also how to maintain your weight loss. By eating a lot of protein, minimal carbs, and healthy fats, we can help you balance your blood sugars throughout the day, leaving you feeling energized and productive, and help you to implement a lifestyle you can maintain. We help your body promote fat burn, while preserving muscle, which burns more calories. Our weight loss coaches can set you on the right path to health and wellness. Contact us today to get started!