Client Testimonials:


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  • Mary D – “I have known Dr. Tom for more than 25 years. I have seen him off and on for a variety of issues and he and his professional team of physical therapists have always been able to help me. They don’t just “fix” the problem – they take the time to do a thorough intake and try to understand any changes, underlying symptoms/issues and then diagnose the issue and educate me on the issue as well as the treatment plan to full recovery. They provide exercises that I can use at home to take accountability and actively participate in the recovery process. They are extremely attentive, thorough, knowledgeable and most important they are committed to my overall health and well being. Dr. Tom and his team at Life Wellness practice are well educated, knowledgeable and passionate about superior care for their patients.”


  • Kymn P – “I’ve been seen at Life Wellness for years for a variety of issues and they always have a way to help. The staff are so friendly. I’ve recently been seeing Dr. Chris in PT for plantar fasciitis. He is a very thorough and fun therapist to work with. He is doing a technique called dry needling and although not the most fun treatment to go through, it is making it better.”


  • Jared Brandt – “My family has been going to Life Wellness Center for several years and we are completely satisfied with our experiences. In addition to a great chiropractic staff, they offer PT for a variety off issues. Dr. Chris and Jaime are excellent to work with and use multiple techniques to help you improve such as dry needling, bodyweight exercise, electric stim, etc. I highly recommend them.”


  • Cindy G – “I’ve been going to Life Wellness Center for the past two years. I started needing help with back pain but quickly learned they are more than just a chiropractic office. They truly help with total wellness and changed our lives when they encouraged us to investigate the Ideal Protein weight loss plan. I have moved into a maintenance mode where I stop in twice a month for adjustments and a quick check on how I’m feeling. I’ve been healthier than ever since discovering the Life Wellness Center. Thank you LWC!”


  • Enrique M – “I have been going here at least twice a month after coming back from basic training over the summer and started having shoulder. It has definitely helped me a lot and I will continue going here throughout my sports seasons.”


  • Pat B – The whole team at Life Wellness Center is amazing! Everyone there from the Christina at the front desk to the owner (Dr. Tom) really makes you feel like family. Dr. Jenna has been helping me recover from ACL surgery, and she couldn’t be any better. She is the perfect mix of pushing me hard yet really showing genuine concern for my well being. While I’m no Adrian Peterson, I feel like I’m recovering at Adrian Peterson-like pace, all thanks to Dr. Jenna and her ability to find the right balance. I highly recommend LWC – you won’t be disappointed!”


  • AJ H – “I have been going to LWC every other week for the past year and a half and have been satisfied with every appointment. The staff is incredible and satisfies your needs every time.”


  • David L – “I injured my lower back in February. By the next day, I had shooting pain all the way down my leg from my back to my ankle. Went to Life Wellness Center and they determined that I had bulging/herniated disk. Everyone there was great. They explained the how and why for each exercise. It has been 2 months since the injury. I am feeling great and I am ready for my first bike race of the season on Thursday. I would definitely recommend this wonderful team. Huge thanks to Shannon, Tom, Chris, Erin, Jaime & Mikayla!”


  • David O – “I thoroughly enjoyed my therapy experience with Dr. Kimberly. She was professional and personable at the same time. She explained the “how and why” of each new exercise and answered all of my anatomy questions. She was a great educator and motivator and after eleven sessions, I’m confident I have the tools I need to be proactive in my wellness plan.”


  • Nic P – “Dr. Tom and Dr. Shannon are the best. Their ability to not only do adjustments and massage therapy but their sports knowledge and care is second to none! My daughter has been going here for 3 years now and is an active softball player that Dr. Tom has worked with to help not just get here back into alignment and work her sore and some times injured muscles, but also teaching her what is happening and how to correct things. Giving suggestions to make sure there is no damage while she continues to play.”


  • Mirah J – “I was told by two different orthopedists that my only option to get use of my right arm back (I have TOS) was a major surgery. I decided to try Chiropractic and physical therapy first. I went to Life wellness and saw Dr. Mary and Dr. Kimberly. They did wonders! My shoulder no longer keeps me up at night, my arm and handwork again and no surgery! Thanks so much for all you have done for me!!!”