Providing Sports Medicine Care Throughout the South Metro

Life Wellness Center doctors are uniquely trained in sports rehabilitation and have used their expert knowledge of human biomechanics to develop our Sports Rehabilitation Programs.  We believe an intensive, functional evaluation and assessment is critical in driving the production of exceptional, patient-driven results.  Our doctors use the latest research and equipment technology to aid in our assessment process and the development of our customized rehabilitation and injury prevention programs.  Life Wellness Center is proud to care for local competition and recreational athletes, returning them to the activities they are passionate about stronger, faster, and with decreased injury risk.

Free Injury Consultation

Life Wellness Center offers FREE, 15-minute injury consultations in our Eagan and Lakeville offices.  Our Doctor of physical therapy will assess your injury and pain. Once they have completed the assessment, they will provide you with an expert recommendation on the appropriate course of action in managing your symptoms. While there are times where physical therapy and treatments may be necessary, our team will also do their best to try and potentially avoid costly office visits which may not be necessary.  Do NOT hesitate to contact us with regard to ANY injury mild or severe.

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ACL Injury Prevention Program

Life Wellness Center is proud to offer our evidence-based ACL Injury Prevention Program. Our eight-week program is offered to individuals and groups. The ACL Injury Prevention Program is designed to identify and correct dynamic strength and neuromuscular imbalances which lead to faulty movement patterns and increased injury risk in athletes competing in any sport.

According to a 2010 survey, the average out of pocket financial cost surrounding an ACL injury exceeded $2,300. However, individual costs varied greatly based on insurance plan coverage. Out of pocket costs continue to grow year over year as well. Beyond the financial cost, ACL reconstructive surgery carries a typical six to eight-month extensive rehabilitation process which usually means missing a full season of sport participation.

In the last 10 years, vast numbers of research studies have been conducted evaluating the effectiveness of integrating an evidence-based strengthening, proprioceptive and plyometric program into traditional skill training in the off-season. The results overwhelmingly support the hypothesis that including this type of program in the off-season significantly reduces incidence of ACL injury during the regular season. Some studies even suggest taking advantage of this in the subsequent season as well. The results are consistent across all sports and gender with the most aggressive agility sports such as soccer, basketball, and football receiving the highest reduction in ACL injury risk.

Sports Screening

Life Wellness Center doctors offer complimentary injury screening to local sports teams and organizations to help identify predisposing factors which may lead to the development of sports related pain or more severe injury. With this proactive approach, we are able to recommend the appropriate preventative care when necessary and avoid the financial and emotional cost of extensive rehabilitation or even surgery. We utilize video analysis software, Functional Movement Screening (FMS), and the most research validated orthopedic exam testing to complete our screening process and provide you an individualized assessment.
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