1. Staying Active in the Minnnesota Winter

    Winter is upon us. Look outside... shorter, darker, wetter, colder days are the new normal for a few months. You might take the season as a cue to curl up on the couch, alternately reading, drinking hot cocoa, and hibernating until April. Tempting... but don't let winter weather keep you from staying active! Our Minnesota winters are too long. If you use the weather as an excuse, you'll have way t…Read More

  2. We’re So Thankful!

    Here at Life Wellness Center, we’re thankful for a lot of things. Hear in their own words what some of our staff is thankful for this Thanksgiving season. "The opportunity to join the Life Wellness Center's staff!" -Dr. Ashley "My husband, family and friends." -Alex "My family, friends, God, LWC, work, the garden, the beauty of the fall, apple trees, a warm home, good food, the safety that we ar…Read More

  3. Chiropractic Treatment for Chronic Pain and Depression

    Chronic pain and depression: These two maladies are often linked, and they can often become a vicious circle. The Connection Between Chronic Pain and Depression Both depression and chronic pain often interfere with quality of life. Sufferers often struggle to sleep, exercise, concentrate, and perform the normal functions of life and work. They may be easily agitated, over sedentary, and isolated. …Read More

  4. Musculoskeletal Health for High School Athletes

    Kids all over the nation are back at school and settling down to their routines. Some of these adolescents are excited to return to competitive sports. Teen athletes get great satisfaction from playing, and it can be an excellent step on a path to lifelong fitness, but they're also at risk for injury while practicing or competing. We'd like to help them end the season and the school year healthy, …Read More

  5. Chiropractic Care Can Ease the Challenges of Aging

    Aging: Not very appealing, but better than the alternative. Aging typically accompanies a host of physical symptoms we're not crazy about, but these symptoms vary widely. Some folks are slowed down and shuffling at 60, while others are still backpacking or playing tennis until they're 90. We'd like to be in that second group -- how about you? Chiropractic treatment can actually help people age gra…Read More

  6. Interview with Dr. Shannon Score

    What's your number-one secret to Healthy Aging? Starting my day off with time set aside to meditate and pray. This gives me the clarity to focus on what's most important to me and gives me the strength to do the right things. How would you describe your job to a child? I would tell them I help people feel better, move better and look better. What is your biggest achievement to date? That's an easy…Read More

  7. Headaches & What Causes Them?

    Headaches are no fun. Statistics suggest that 80-90% of people suffer headaches at some point in their lives, and one person out of six experiences a headache in a given year. They can range from minor inconveniences to full-blown, painful and debilitating migraines. Three Types of Headaches Only about 5% of headaches are symptoms of greater health issues. The remaining 95% are primary headaches: …Read More

  8. What Are Your Flip-Flops Doing to Your Feet…Ouch?

    Flip-flops. Call them thongs, call them zories, these familiar casual sandals are the essence of summer. They're easy to put on and slip off, and they're just a whisper away from bare-footing it. They're cheap and fun, coming in a million and one colors. Most amusing of all, they're a wearable daily example of onomatopoeia--a word formed from a sound associated with what the word names, like sizzl…Read More

  9. It’s Scoliosis Awareness Month – Do You Know the Signs of Scoliosis?

    Many of us remember that day in gym class every year when the school nurse screened us for scoliosis. Many Minnesota students get these checks today, and with good reason: scoliosis is the nation’s most common spinal deformity and affects approximately 3 percent of Americans. While scoliosis is fairly prevalent, many of us don’t know how to spot it in our growing kids. In the spirit of Scolios…Read More

  10. Osteoporosis and How to Avoid It

    Osteoporosis and How to Avoid It May is National Osteoporosis Month, so we're spreading awareness among our community about this debilitating disorder. First the good news: it's preventable when caught early enough, and it's generally treatable. Like with any health issue, education is essential. There's a wealth of information available, including the excellent website from the National Osteoporo…Read More